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criticizing the catholic church, and particularly the sale of indulgences


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u can say what u want about brendon urie but the story about a little mormon boy that decided he wanted to be a glittery bisexual weed-smoking emo stripper really fuels me 

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"If you were a poem,
you would be unfinished,
all crossed-out words
and unexplored feelings,
a relic of the past
long forgotten, except
for nights that bring me
back to days when I imagined
what it might be like to love you."
Brittany Rubio, Dear Non-Existent Ex-Girlfriend.  (via fscottfitzgeralding)
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hey catherine i see u tryna be all sly liking my reblogsimage

Don’t know what you mean.


u kno what i mean


Wat u saying?!1?

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Thranduil and young Legolas by harmonia3784


Thranduil and young Legolas by harmonia3784

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Oh yeah, Bagginshield. I love how they just [clenches fist] bag those shields

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So my teacher told us that two blue eyed people can’t have a brown eyed kid and this kid in my class said “but both my parents have blue eyes and I have brown eyes”.  The teacher said “so you’re adopted”.  THe next day the kid came in and told us that he confronted his parents about it and that they said he was adopted but wanted to wait for the right time to tell him.  


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